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Camp Rules

  • Attendance is mandatory for all daily sessions.

  • Grounds for dismissal include vandalism, tampering with safety equipment, use of drugs or alcohol and harassment.

  • All cigarettes, tobacco, and drugs are prohibited.

  • There are no refunds for anyone dismissed from camp.

  • Cars driven by campers must remain parked on campus for the duration of the session. There is a parking fee of $15.00 which is due in cash on first day of registration (NOT credit card or check) 

    • **If Campers are driving themselves to camp and their parents would like us to confirm the camper's arrival at camp, please request this prior to the start of camp. We are more than happy to do this as a courtesy to our campers and parents.

  • Campers who leave early for any reason will not recieve a refund.

  • Campers are financially responsible for any damage to school or camp property.

  • Violation of camp rules jeopardizes future attendance for individuals and schools.


  • All campers must send the completed medical form and parental consent signed on the application by July 1. No campers will be able to participate in camp unless these forms are turned in.

  • Campers that will be self administrating medication (including Tylenol or asprin) MUST SEND A SIGNED SELF ADMINISTRATION FORM SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN by July 1. The form must be in original counters and labeled with the child's name.

  • Any refund request MUST be submitted in writing before May 1, 2016 (11:59pm EST). All refunds are subject to a $50 processing fee. NO REFUNDS of the deposit for any reason after May 1, 2016 (11:59pm EST). The Balance of the fee must be paid by May 1, 2016 (11:59pm EST) or a late fee of $50 will be assessed. Teams making reservations should submit deposits for each participant no later than two weeks after signing up to secure spots.

  • Please note that campers are not allowed in the UCONN Co-Op store unless accompanied by a parent before camp begins or after camp ends.


  • Footwear: Trainers and Spikes - (metal spike inserts provided?)

  • Proper Attire: T-shirts and shorts. Tank-tops and sports bras are not considered proper attire.

  • Fan recommended!


  • Alarm clock.

  • Re-usable water bottles.

  • Linens (or sleeping bag), pillow, towels.

  • Please bring NON-VALUABLE personal items only.

  • Personal throwing equipment (if cleared?)

  • Personal first aid supplies.

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